Get to know Connie

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Connie Newton is a gifted intuitive who has developed many proven techniques for higher consciousness. Using the principles of higher consciousness, she teaches people to connect to their higher self, make better day to day decisions for themselves and their families. She stresses in her teachings the importance of these decisions being spiritually oriented. Over the years thousands throughout the world have come to hear Connie teach these principals and proven procedures.


In particular, Connie teaches the steps to assist all of us in preparing for the Dimensional Shift as well as the process for adapting to the New Awakening we are experiencing now! She helps many to accelerate their frequency by teaching specific procedures. This will help many as it has in the past, to become productive in their lives as their altered frequency plays an integral part in the positive morpho-genetic resonance being experienced in the world at this time.

What effect will this have on you and your family? Should you consider relocating? How will the shift affect your professional life?


Connie is the originator of the Integrated Awareness Technique, Perceptive Awareness Inc., Soma Pi Dimensional Shift Healing Procedure and other procedures, all of which are truly effective gifts from the etheric realm. Connie has been called a teacher of teachers. All Soma Pi Healing Techniques are taught by Master teachers. Her Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc.  courses are taught by The Facilitators and Master Teachers of the Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc. classes in the U.S. and around the world.