Coming Events for 2018

Online Webinar/Workshop

Title: “Protecting the Consciousness and Etheric Self During this Present Change”


  • Recognizing the frequency shift in self.

  • Identifying the present degree of frequency shift  in your environment.

  • Choosing whether to advance with the rapid waves of energy or not.

  • Learn procedures of maintaining your procedural cosmic change when others are refusing to ride the frequencies of change without guilt.

  • Increase the practice of self-healing protection and more.

This webinar is taking advanced steps for balancing the spiritual and physical self during the sequential shifting of the cosmos, earth and etheric frequencies around and moving through us.

This webinar is experiential and directed by the Powers of light to become pinpointed in protecting self etherically more than before. The directions frequently repeated to me have been to emphasize the word protection and to be prepared for the vacillation of emotions, different societal directions and most importantly the spiritual/soul directions. All of the Aforementioned will increase and the wise, spiritual and self-healing light infused persons will advance in the strong light pulses coming now and the future sequential sun and Galactic eruptions.

Please be aware before the webinar occurs that the earth will join seven galaxy planets in retrograde… Very unusual! This means they will all progressively move by July 19 to the same side of the sun. This is history making! The effect to all of us will be felt until September 1, 2018. In addition we will experience multiple eclipses, one of which will be on July 27 and 28th and the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years which will be lasting for three hours and 33 minutes.

August will be eclipse active. We will have to observe and activate big changes in ourselves. Effects will be felt weeks before these events and weeks after the heavenly events. We will see the changes in the public. Be ready for the August 27 webinar.

Workshop date and time

       Monday, August 27, 2018  7:30PM – 9:30PM  EDT

Please contact us at for more information.