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The CD's listed are available. The cost is $16.00 each plus $2.00 for shipping & handling.
For shipments outside of the US, the shipping and handling is $6.00.

Body Changes and the Cosmic Wave

This CD illustrates what each person must do to prepare for the coming changes including Body Changes.

Riding the frequency of Societal Change

This Lecture will tell you what present changes are all about.  How to master change in your personal life and how surrounding frequencies affect us.

Balancing the personal Self the Ego

A Help CD Showing how we our minds in a negative and positive manner and how our minds are creative enough to change our lives.

Prayer – It’s metaphysical and effective use

This CD will explain the Effectiveness of prayer, what makes it work and why it works for some and not for others. It will also give the creative steps to metaphysical and effective prayer and discuss and answer questions revealing how the soul releases energy through prayer and how it affects personal situations in our lives.

A Conversation with the Soul

An instance lecture with strong teachings from the voice of the soul aimed toward the elevation of the higher self along with mystical implications of life’s experiences. (A CD created from a tape delivered before an audience of 600 people.)