In memory of Connie Newton  10/26/31 – 08/26/19

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Connie Newton has appeared on national TV and Radio as an expert on spiritual insights and higher sense perception.  Her acclaim and success as a teacher of higher consciousness brings students to her webinars from Europe,the Middle East and Canada.

She began her career as a former Baltimore high school music teacher,  she has devoted the past 37 years to teaching and lecturing how higher conscious living enhances day-to-day life. Her book, “The Inner Quest” was nominated for “The Georgia Author of the Year Award”.


Connie is the originator of the Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc. which teaches relying on intuition to make the right life choices. She is also the originator of the Soma Pi preventative healing technique, that heals with hands on present and absent healing procedures. The healing technique has had very positive results on animals (horse and pets) as well as humans healed at a distance. Soma pi healing is just as effective for self-healing too.

Connie is the founder and originator of the Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc.   A technique designed for the sincere spiritual seeker of higher consciousness to reach their goal in 3 days.  

Her webinars are designed to help all attendees to progress through new procedures that augment health and assist the elevation of the consciousness.

Connie is dedicated to helping to raise the consciousness of our fellow seekers of light. She is the originator of the Integrated  Awareness Technique which taught hundreds since 1976-2005.

In the business world she created a business for meditation, self care and beautiful clothing -“Esthetic Concepts” in the Chicago area.  

Connie has been affiliated with a  psychologist in the work of prayer therapy for many years. She received an honorary Ministerial Degree of Spiritual Counseling from the New Seminary in New York and was ordained at St. Johns Cathedral in New York.

A graduate of Morgan State University, Connie has done post graduate work in speech pathology at Loyola College in Baltimore. She also sponsored world tours to Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, China and Tibet.

Connie was featured in Cambridge Who’s Who in America for business  success  Ms. Newton is a wife, mother, and  has previously owned three Champion Miniature Pinchers which she has bred, and shown.

Connie’s wide and varied experiences bring a wealth of knowledge to her students and  audiences. The Teacher is here.  Are you ready to make a quantum leap forward?

It is with our deepest  sadness to report to you, that she has now passed on to the upper dimensions of time and space, if you would like to help with funeral expenses please click this link.

All that we ask of you is PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY FLOWERS TO US!


Derek and Jim Newton