Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc.

Perceptive Awareness Technique is a rapid intuitive training process that is taught by Connie’s highly trained facilitators  and Master Teachers.Those who feel directed to accelerate rapidly through an intuitive process will do so through excellent personal instruction taught by Connie’s experienced facilitators.

Perceptive Awareness Inc. Now is presenting On-Line Perceptive Awareness Inc. instruction for busy and sincere persons who are local and over-seas.

It is very convenient for participants. Small classes are held to give attention to accuracy.

This Perceptive Awareness course will enable class participants to function intuitively in 3 days. It is (an intensive.) Students will be able to :

  1. Comfortably adjust their bodies and emotions in preparation for “The Change”
  2. Increase your intuitive awareness.
  3. Elevate their consciousness.
  4. Verify your intuitive progress through class checking and exercises.
  5. Become aware of your spiritual awakening.
  6. With continued practice, experience “Intuitive Living”.
  7. Have a connection with instructor if needed after graduation of course.
  8. You will be able to grade your teacher’s ability to teach you.
  9. Learn to make intuitive decisions regarding health, relocations, jobs, etc.
  10. Be able to to assist others to the planet’s new direction of transformation.
  11. Increase your chances of ascending to 5D frequencies in the future.

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