Future Possibilities

For those of you whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, I’d be pleased to share with you via my News flashes, Webinar and  DVD/CD’s some of the future possibilities that have come into my intuitive senses, my clairvoyant sight and clairaudient guidance from higher sources I have called “The Powers of Light” for the past 36 years. Born with fully operative gifts of higher knowledge, I was fortunate these gifts remained operative even though my guardians and family felt they should be suppressed. Thankfully, that didn’t occur so that I could become the person I am today. This has allowed me to become spiritually immersed in the Light through the teachings of Christian principals, master teachers of healing as well as angelic beings of peace, light, love and oneness and help thousands reach their own spiritual potential.

You’ll notice that I refer to this part of the website as “Future Possibilities” because we are now in a period of time in which we have more power to alter our very existence through the Powers of the Mind. We only have to realize that energy surrounds us. This potent, creative energy  is called by scientists the Zero Point Energy. I call this energy the Source God. In Star Wars it was called “The Force”. Now this energy can and will affect our future more and all present timelines according to my spiritual sources and beliefs. Remember… that Prayer operates fully with Zero Point Energy and is one with the Source.  Please read all future projections with this fact kept in your mind.


Connie Newton