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Consuella Newton
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The Photon Exchange DVD  $25.00 

This interactive DVD will help you prepare for the new changes by increasing your frequency and expanding the light.

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The Anthology of Higher Conscious Wisdom $23.50  

In keeping with the requests of the Powers of light I am offering the first of several CDs which will be called The Anthology of Higher Conscious Wisdom. These CDs will keep us focused and centered on our purpose to our fellow man and the elevation of our own body (health), mind (emotions) and spiritual self. They will also reinforce what we are presently learning now. Everything that has been taught to the unit has been taught for this now period.

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The Anthology of Spiritual Awareness NO. 2  $23.50

“Self Growth And The Future”

This is Recorded for each and every person wishing to increase their positive progression in consciousness now.

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