Cosmic Lightwave is Approaching 


Blessing and light everyone 

Lock in your light and hold true in the next coming year as it will be a roller coaster of emotions as the the dark tries to control your minds again.    The wave of light that so many are eagerly waiting is on it’s way, you won’t start to feel it’s effects until there is an announcement from the “Whitehats” (Light-workers in business and government) that the dark has been defeated. It will be during this time that a wave of happiness will fall over the world as humanity starts to taste true freedom from oppression that hasn’t been felt for thousands of years. .  It is scheduled to happen either before or after the major pole shift. Things will still be rough until then, much will depend on the humans on this planet and where they choose to go spiritually. A major disconnection from materialism to a earth based spiritual community must happen among humans, this will be our final test. Some people will want the old world back causing some conflict within self for these people. It will be at this time that healers will be needed to come to the fore to help those in need.

Major eclipses and planetary aspects will be affecting people either positively or negatively.  Anything dealing with an eclipse means blocking of positive light during the day or night

or a shadow of negative energy trying to conceal the high frequency vibrations of the light. In this case it will be a partial eclipse over ASIA where there is unrest among the people in these areas.  The light is still present because it is allowed to PARTIALLY come through and shine on your path. There is also a new moon on the 25th which means new beginnings in the light during this time, this will be a very good time to start new things or ideas. People that receive the New Moon energy will have a chance to make amends for any wrong doing they have caused others. When you look at the map pay attention to where the greatest shadow falls, this is where you will be seeing problems with the people who live in these areas. The thoughts of others during this time period will determine the outcome of the civil unrest in Asia and surrounding countries. 

Focusing on the planet and others will keep you on the straight and narrow, your career will flourish as long as you have the right motive. Be careful  of other people around  you as their thought waves will be more turbulent then ever. Those who are linked (negatively) to information on the news will be connected to lower vibrations and will be transferring this vibrational frequency to all those that have not put up their protective bubbles. The auras of those in the light will be bombarded with the thoughts of others of low frequency vibration who will continue to push their belief systems unconsciously into “ethers” of this current reality.  You must protect yourself from these groups of people who are NOT disciplined in mind control. Lifeforce energy must be used for constant protection of self.   ( More about this in the webinar)  Even I have to make sure that I am protected.

Progress into the shift of light.

With the Aquarian age into Full swing by next year the lower frequency humans of the dark, will be struggling to find their place among others on this planet only to find that their frequencies are too low to coexist with others who will be firmly in the light and moving forward. These emotional people will have an etheric vail of containment put up around them so that they “stay in their lane” sort to speak of”. They will be removed from the planet one way or another.  For now everything is slow going but changes are happening, so patience is still a virtue.  The blanket of light over the earth is still there but is weak because of the thoughts of worry and uncertainty that are being generated by the human populace. These thoughts are taking the focus of healing away from the earth. It’s not just enough to be happy anymore you will need to direct the energy of love,happiness and compassion toward the task at hand for it to be effective. On top of that you will need to see the action and feel the action of change taking place. Be careful of family members at different frequencies trying to deflect your time from helping others.  Passive aggressive actions of those people will try to bring down your emotions to their level because they don’t want you to happy or loving all the time. People that meditate and send healing to others will find that they are drained because of the thick layer of emotions and despair that they have to cut through when dealing with these individuals. It will take very powerful light-workers to move forward with the healing light while others lose faith in themselves. Be alert to those who practice the dark arts, they are out there and infiltrate light groups in attempt to lower the energy just enough to bring in a sense doubt to their spiritual progress.

To those who are still serious with your light groups I say keep pushing forward no matter what you are told by others. Then end result will be wonderful but it will be important that we pass our tests in compassion during this time frame of occupancy on this earth. Think of this light energy of healing and love as a flashlight.  The flashlight will stay nice and bright so long as the batteries inside are putting out the same energy. If one battery (person or group) becomes weak or dies  then the flashlight becomes dim or goes out altogether. We must continue to make sure that all of our batteries are strong and replace the ones that are not working properly.

Some of you may not know what specific job it is you are supposed to do while you here on earth so I found this nifty little video to help you place yourselves in the light working category I thought it was well done.

Other countries and civil unrest..

What you are seeing on the television media is more like a movie with actors and people playing roles in an attempt to control your thinking processes in the direction of fear and despair.  Countries around the world are playing this balancing act of Good guy vs Bad Guy to trying to balance the scales in their favor. In order for the main spiritual event to take place, every country must be on the same page with it’s own people.  Falsehoods and untruths will no longer be accepted by the peoples of these nations and some civil unrest may be present. It’s important as light workers to see things coming to a peaceful resolution as we move forward into the Aquarian age of love, compassion and healing toward others. This will counter act all negativity and all threats of War that you see on TV with thoughts of LOVE of Peace. It will be the mind power of the collective thought patterns of all humans on this planet that will bring about the cosmic utopia that myself and some of you have seen in your dreams. It’s still on it’s way and it’s getting closer and closer every month. You will be seeing more heads of some of governments, quitting and/or taking early retirement. Off world beings and helpers of light will not allow any devices of nuclear destruction to be used against the earth!!  So please do not send any emotions of fear into the cosmos. Stay balanced with thoughts of light.


More activity with volcanoes and shifting plates of land as the earth adjusts it’s vibration for ascension into 5D. People living on the plates of moving earth must find safe areas to live or leave the area completely. Water represents spiritual energy and you will see plenty of flooding as the water of earth cleanses the areas with the greatest negativity. The planet is more responsive now to the thoughts of the masses of people more than ever. Areas that that have more weather extremes than others are susceptible to low frequency vibrations of mass mind power.  The power elements of the earth all have meaning and directed by people where cleansing is needed. The earth responds to the imbalance by creating these changes, where these are considered normal shifts to mother earth but seen as disasters by humans. The loss of life that happens during these earth changes is unfortunate but necessary for the Aquarian age to move forward into the light as humans that refuse to change will be left behind.  (we will cover this in the webinar) balance needs to be taught to others when you are out and about in your daily lives.


The sun rays of super white light that you have been noticing will be absorbed more easily into the eyes of persons who don’t where sunglasses please protect your eyes from these strong rays as you will be getting more than enough sunlight through the skin. The opportunity for eye problems for those with out eye protection will be increased.  The coding for ascension is in the light beams and if you have been noticing bouts of fatigue after being in the sun for short periods of time, this is why you have been so tired as soon as you sit down. As more light enters the body you will need to be as skinny as possible with lean muscle mass. I know this can be hard for some of you but it can be easily done if you don’t snack at night before bed the weight will come off.  Don’t eat after 7pm if you are hungry fight it off as much as you can because when your meal clock changes your body must reset itself to the new time schedule causing weight gain. Fruit and water can be taken after hours. Get off of all gluten and drink apple cider vinegar as much as possible. Give your body as much sleep as it needs and eliminate all stress if possible.


The old economic system is collapsing hence the high prices with food and gas as the last remnants of negative financial control are eliminated. So there is retaliation against the light by raising food prices and fuel costs which raises shipping costs and so forth. The only purpose for this is to see us suffer. So be vigilant of high prices in these areas. There will be no food shortages as production is actually good, the problems will be with shipping and distribution giving the illusion of a food shortage, that’s why grocery stores don’t seem to have enough food on the shelves and prices are high. Do your shopping at membership warehouses and and at online discount stores. Save money by eating at home and staying out of restaurants, buy fresh vegetables, fruits, nut and egg protein. Make your own coffee and latte’, Starbucks will survive without you..  😉

Big changes will be going on behind the scenes that the public is not aware of. A major restructuring of the old currency system is at play that will benefit the peoples USA and the world. Banks are having emergency meetings as the way we use cash will be changed. The switch can only be flipped when the folks in the light that are working behind the scenes get the green light. Only then will things get better, for now you must have patience. In the meantime keep a watchful eye on China as they are the sleeping economic power of the future an will try to take control of some countries and the US that are dependent on their technology, by creating parts shortages and distribution problems dealing with the manufacture of industrial and consumer products, this results in high product costs and stock shortages for all purchasers.

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Progress on healing for my father..

He is slowly getting better, still has soreness that wakes him up in the middle of the night, sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not. Fluid build up seems to be causing pressure on some of the nerves.

Getting the toxins out of his bloodstream will be the key to faster healing. 

Something New!!!

I have decided to set up DM (Direct Messaging)  messaging server for anyone who wants to chat with me anytime after or during the webinars, meditations or just to talk. This will be our own private server.  If you have trouble with your email for getting in contact with me or my father, you can use this method to contact us at anytime if you wish.  Please take the time to install on your PC or on your phones it’s not that hard and it will open doors for you and other light-workers, this group needs to expand so that others know we exist. 

Discord webpage:

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When you get everything installed on your PC use this invite link to get added to my server: 

Discord works like simple regular chat it just has a lot of features, if you get confused just email me and i will try to help as much as I can.

Thank you all for sticking with me all of these years sometimes I feel like the whole weight of the world is on my shoulders, this definitely a labor of love with all of this multitasking in the light that needs to be done. The help is always appreciated! 🤗

Blessings and ascend into the light

Derek 💞

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